Journal Launch and Art Exhibition of the Namibian Journal on Social Justice

This edition grapples with Namibia’s most urgent social justice question, namely inequality. Namibia's marginalisation and exclusion levels remain very high despite being classified as a higher middle-income country. The Human Development Index (HDI) for 2019 was 0.646, ranking Namibia at 130 out of 189 countries.

Like most of southern Africa, Namibia is still trapped in an unequal economic development model, and hence displays persistently high levels of inequality. This inequality affects groups differentially, depending on their social class, race, gender, ethnicity and geographic location. The multi-dimensional nature of inequality is revealed in unequal access to productive resources, mainly arable land; unequal wealth ownership; highly skewed levels of income; unequal access to housing, education, health care and other services; a lack of comprehensive social security coverage; high levels of unemployment, informal employment, and persistent racism.

The journal presents scholarly articles, case studies, opinion pieces, and visual art through which the different aspects of inequality are explored. An overarching theme that emerges from many of the articles is indifference. As inequality widens, those in power and those who benefit from the status quo remain largely indifferent to it. There is a reluctance to adopt redistributive measures that would promote social and economic justice, whichcould significantly alter the growing gap between rich and poor.

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